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Summer Bate and heat stroke, and summer that tends to get sick.
We will introduce the recommended moringa recipes for summer.

Reasons why it is good to eat curry in the summer ◎ Abundant spices contained in curry improve metabolism The nutritional components contained in his spices promote metabolism and enhance the movement of exchange nerves. Will do it. It is said that if the exchange nerves work well, your head will be crisp and you will be able to concentrate on your work and study. ◎ Promotion of digestion and adjustment of appetite It reduces the loss of appetite, which is a common symptom of summer heat fatigue. ◎ You can eat a lot of vegetables Curry is stewed, so you can get a lot of vegetables and you can get nutrition with one plate. It is an excellent dish from the viewpoint of nutritional balance.

Why Moringa Curry is Recommended for Summer Moringa contains 90 kinds of nutritional ingredients. By adding moringa powder and moringa tea leaves to the curry, you can make the best summer recipe that will help prevent summer heat stroke. ◎ Plenty of nutritional ingredients that are effective in preventing heat stroke Moringa contains nutritional ingredients (potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C) that are effective in preventing heat stroke. ◎ Umami ingredient improves deliciousness Amino acid contained in moringa: Glutamic acid is one of the umami ingredients. By putting it in curry and simmering it, the umami ingredients will definitely improve the taste. ◎ Nutrition balance up Moringa contains 90 kinds of nutritional ingredients. In addition to the nutritional components that can be obtained from curry spices and ingredients, the addition of moringa nutrition improves the nutritional balance and nutritional value, so it is recommended. How about Moringa curry on the menu of cafes and restaurants? Contact Ilocos Moringa Certified Moringa Powder / Tea Leaves Click here for raw materials for Ilocos Moringa Certified (organic / non-genetically modified / fair trade) moringa powder / tea leaves.

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