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<transcy>GBA Beauty Oil Set | Moringa Oil & Coconut Oil [Happiness Morin is a seal target product]</transcy>

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Moringa oil scent
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Apply the magic of beauty
The strongest beauty combination gift set that protects your whole body from dryness

Protects your skin from dryness and enhances its beauty.
Moringa oil and coconut oil.

Recommended for the topic "Oil Millefeuille" beauty

A skin care method that makes your skin moisturized and is very good for preventing dryness "Oil Millefeuille" GBA's moringa + coconut oil is recommended for beauty.

Mix 1-2 drops of oil & a very small amount of lotion on the palm, hand press on the face → then apply the lotion.
Since the amount of water that can be caught by the skin at one time is small, more water can be stored in the skin by layering "oil + lotion → lotion → oil + lotion" like Milfille. increase.

It is recommended to use moringa oil first and coconut oil last.

◆ Impressions from purchasers ◆
□ I tried "Oil Millefeuille"! It seems that you can't let go of the double use of oil to clean your skin at the end of the year. Anti-aging + all-purpose is fine!

□ I use coconut oil for body care because my skin is dry and dry in winter. Moringa oil has a very nice scent!

□ I enjoy putting moringa oil in the bath and using coconut oil for hair care ♡ I love both!

Gift details

Product: Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 90g x 1
Moringa Brilliant Beauty Oil
20ml x 1

Gift wrapping: Delivered in an abaca (Manila hemp) gift wrap.
Bag color: You can choose from red or green.

You can choose from Letter Pack Plus or courier.
* Yu-Packet cannot be shipped