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Essential oil (essential oil)

Essential oils that maximize the blessings of nature

エッセンシャルオイル 精油 オーガニック

Plants grown by wild craft farming (natural farming) by carefully selecting only native species
For essential oils in a fresh state.

It's simple, but it's not adopted in the modern age of mass consumption.
Dare to adopt the time-consuming traditional manufacturing method,
You can fully enjoy the blessings of nature
We will deliver essential oils.

Characteristics of Beyond Organic essential oils

精油 エッセンシャルオイル 生産者  Materials that show the origin of raw materials

Essential oils that show who harvested where and when they were extracted Our ingredients are extracted only from ingredients that have passed our standards (non-genetically modified, wildcraft, fair trade), where, who harvested, and when. We only offer essential oils that can be seen.

We will deliver the quality of safety and security by attaching the ingredient report card at the time of purchase.

精油 成分分析 品質管理 ビヨンドオーガニック Quality controlled essential oils

Essential oils that carry out quality control such as ingredient inspection in Japan We also carry out quality control such as ingredient inspection in Japan so that customers can properly know the efficacy of the material and use it.
We believe that we can provide products that are useful for our customers' beauty and health because they are essential oils whose ingredients can be confirmed.

Original essential oils that only Beyond Organic can offer

Essential oils extracted from plants grown in the wilderness of the Philippines The materials we deliver are extracted from the flowers and fruits grown in the wilderness of the Philippines, a country of everlasting summer.
We will deliver new & high quality essential oils that can only be made by us, who have been involved in agricultural development in the Philippines for 14 years.

Essential oil (essential oil) raw material

  1. Sampaguita essential oil
  2. Ylang Ylang 3rd essential oil
  3. Elemi essential oil
  4. Calamansi essential oil
  5. Lemongrass essential oil

サンパギータ 精油 オーガニック ビヨンドオーガニック [ Sun Overview of Paguita]

Sampaguita is a type of jasmine, an evergreen semi-vine shrub of the Oleaceae family.
Like jasmine, it has white flowers. It is regarded as a national flower in the Philippines, and the flower language is a plant with a romantic story of "using eternal love."

[Overview of Sampaguita essential oil]

It has a strong scent and is characterized by a sweet and elegant floral scent. Since only 1 ml can be obtained from 8000 flowers, it is an essential oil that is currently difficult to extract only by solvent extraction.
Compared to Arabian jasmine, the production of raw materials is extremely small, and fresh flowers of Sampaguita are generally used as offerings in churches, so they are not generally distributed as essential oils.

[ Beyond Organic Overview of Sampaguita essential oil]

It is extracted only from Sanpaguita grown by wild craft (natural farming).
It has a softer and more gorgeous scent than jasmine, and is a scent that is preferred by those who do not like the scent of jasmine. It is gentle on sebum and has a mild action. It contains a lot of monoterpene alcohols and ester-based scents, so it is an essential oil that can be widely used not only for aroma but also for handmade cosmetics.

[ Beyond Organic Basic data of Sampaguita essential oil]



Scientific name

Jasmin Sambac

Family name


Extraction site


Extraction method

Solvent extraction


Middle to base note


[Floral] A rich floral scent.

component [Esters] Methyl phenylacetate (50%), linalool, hexylcinamaldehyde, β-citononel, methyl dihydrojasmonate, geraniol, nerolidol, trans-nerolidol, 1,1-dimethyl-2-phenylethyl acetate


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Essential oil products

サンパギータ 精油 オーガニック ビヨンドオーガニック Sampaguita essential oil 10ml ~
/ Girls, be Ambitious

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エレミオイル 精油 オーガニック ビヨンドオーガニック Elemi essential oil 10ml ~
/ Girls, be Ambitious

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カラマンシー 精油 オーガニック ビヨンドオーガニック Calamansi essential oil 10ml ~
/ Girls, be Ambitious

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イランイラン 精油 オーガニック ビヨンドオーガニック Ylang Ylang 3rd essential oil 10ml ~
/ Girls, be Ambitious

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レモングラス 精油 オーガニック ビヨンドオーガニック Lemongrass essential oil 10ml ~
/ Girls, be Ambitious

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Beyond Organic Raw Material List

モリンガ 原料 ビヨンドオーガニック
モリンガオイル 原料 ビヨンドオーガニック
ココナッツオイル 原料 ビヨンドオーガニック
エッセンシャルオイル 原料 ビヨンドオーガニック