Coloring a sustainable life
We deliver products that are organic, additive-free, and fair trade.

Girls, be Ambitious About Us

About Us

Girls, be Ambitious is a lifestyle brand that supports
everyone to "live with aspirations" in a fair environment.

Made in the Philippines
"Pesticide-free / Organic x Additive-free x Fair Trade"

Through the sale of products that we are particular about, we will support our customers to spend their days in good health and beauty
and enjoy a sustainable life .

About Us
  • Promise with customers

    To be close to customers
    to deliver products that can be used with peace of mind
    > Promise with customers

  • Fair trade

    To deliver safe and secure products
    and to make sustainable products
    > Fair Trade Standards

  • Discerning raw materials

    In-house management from selection of species.
    For safety and security,
    and sustainable product creation.

    > Special raw materials