Refund policy

When you receive the product, please check the product contents immediately.
In the unlikely event that the item is damaged or a different item from your order arrives,
will be exchanged or returned at our expense.

● Exchanges and returns are limited to unopened and unused items due to the characteristics of the item.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact us by email or phone within 7 days after the item arrives.

● In the case of exchange / return due to customer's convenience,
customers are responsible for the return shipping fee and refund fee.

Return address: 〒869-4804
1312 Ono, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun, Kumamoto

● Below In the case of, we cannot accept exchanges or returns.
・ If more than 8 days have passed since the product arrived
・ Opened product
・ Damaged or soiled by the customer Product

● If the receipt is delayed due to the customer's long absence, etc., the storage period at the courier has expired and
has been returned. Luggage cannot be reshipped. Please be sure to receive it within the

・ For those who refuse to receive by cash on delivery, the next and subsequent orders can only be made by bank transfer. I will accept it.
・ If we judge that you are a malicious user, we may refuse to use our shop.
Please note