<transcy>Coconut oil</transcy>

What is coconut oil?

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Coconut oil is an oil extracted from the pulp of mature coconut.
In Southeast Asia, where coconuts grow, it has been used by people since BC.

<Coconut oil basic data>
Name: Coconut, Coconut Scientific name: Cocos nucifera
Family: Palm family Vegetation: East Africa, Southeast Asia (tropical to subtropical region)
History: Coconut oil has been eaten since BC in Southeast Asia.
It has long been used as an oil for cooking and as a beauty oil for skin care.
Traditional Indian Medicine: Ayurveda also lists coconut oil as an ingredient to consume when frustrated.

Characteristics of coconut oil (food)

1. Abundant medium chain fatty acids

Coconut oil, which is rich in medium-chain fatty acids of saturated fatty acids, is hard to oxidize, digests and absorbs into the body 4 times more than ordinary oil, and metabolizes 10 times, making it less likely to become fat.

It is also used as a nutritional supplement for people on a diet, athletes, and those after illness.

2. Cholesterol trans fatty acid “0” zero

Coconut oil is a healthy oil that contains neither cholesterol nor trans fatty acids.

<Fatty acid composition of coconut oil>
92% saturated fatty acids Launic acid 49.16%
Caprylic acid 6.09%
Decanoic acid 5.85%
Myristic acid 19.42%
Balchipic acid 9.12%
Other 2.3%
6% monounsaturated fatty acids
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 2%
0% trans fatty acids
Cholesterol 0%
Sodium 0%
Protein 0%

オーガニック コールドプレス 発酵分離製法 フィリピン産ココナッツオイル

Characteristics of coconut oil (cosmetics)

1. Rich in breast milk ingredient "lauric acid"

About 50% of coconut oil is breast milk "lauric acid". Oil that is gentle on the skin

ラウリン酸の効能 ココナッツオイル Girls, be Ambitious

It also has an antibacterial effect, so it can be used when your skin is rough due to sunburn, etc., or after treating unwanted hair.

2. All-purpose oil that can be used for the whole body

Coconut oil is a versatile cosmetological oil that can do many things with just one

ココナッツオイルは保湿オイル ボディオイル ベビーオイルなどとして万能にお使いいただけます

◎ Face care: As a moisturizing oil for the final finish after lotion / milky lotion ◎ Cleansing: Fine-grained coconut oil is also ideal as a makeup remover ◎ Hair care: As a non-rinse treatment. Protects hair from the heat of the dryer ◎ Body care: For moisturizing and massage oil for the whole body ◎ Baby care: Instead of baby oil. Since it is a natural vegetable oil, you can use it with confidence for children.
オーガニック コールドプレス 発酵分離製法 フィリピン産ココナッツオイル

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Characteristics of coconut oil

Fermentation separation method & cold press

When separating coconut oil and water, commercial coconut oil is generally centrifuged (a method that uses a machine to separate and lose flavor and nutrition).
However, if the oil and water are forcibly separated by centrifugation, the flavor and nutrition will be lost. Therefore, the traditional fermentation separation method (a method of separating oil and water over time without using a machine) and cold pressing Uses the manufacturing method.
In this way, we have created a coconut oil that allows you to enjoy the original flavor and nutrition of coconut.

Thorough quality control and organic certification

Our coconut oil is produced under strict control in a factory that has acquired the international standard "HACCP" for hygiene control.

General coconut oil is refined in the extraction process, but at our company, it is carefully extracted at a low temperature of 40 ° C by the cold press method (cold pressing method).

In addition, our coconut oil is an organic coconut oil that has acquired "Organic JAS", "USDA ORGANIC" and "ECOCERT".

有機JAS認証UADA ORGANIC ココナッツオイル

High quality coconut oil made by fair trade

フェアトレード オーガニック ココナッツオイル生産者
We are a company that started from agricultural development on a farm in the Philippines.

In agricultural development, in order to improve the quality of crops in the Philippines, it is essential not only to improve the skills of farmers, but also to improve their health and proper working environment, and to prepare a long working environment. I was surprised.

This means that sustainable production by producers and farmers with appropriate wages and fair trade standards is essential for producing high-quality products.

From our experience of rural development in the Philippines, we believe that we can produce high quality agricultural products because we produce them according to fair trade standards.

Fair trade for everything related to products

Girls, be Ambitiousのフェアトレード

From the beginning, we have been aiming for "fair trade in everything" for consumers, producers and the environment.

Fair trade is more than just a way to support producer employment and financial independence.
We believe that it should be a fair trade in order to deliver high-quality products that are carefully made with "safety and security" to our customers, and to make our customers happy.

In addition, in order to produce high-quality agricultural products, it is essential to maintain a suitable environment and create a mechanism that can be returned to the people in the production area in order to continuously produce better products.

We have created a system that makes all the people and things involved happy.
We believe that delivering products that are friendly to people and the environment to many people will lead to sowing seeds that will make the world happy.

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Coconut oil products

オーガニック コールドプレス 発酵分離製法 フィリピン産ココナッツオイル

Girls, be Ambitious
Discerning raw material selection

モリンガオイル モリンガオイル 使い方 モリンガオイル アトピー モリンガオイル 口コミ モリンガオイル オーガニック モリンガオイル 沖縄 モリンガオイル 効果 モリンガオイル 日焼け モリンガオイル 毛穴 モリンガオイル 食用 モリンガシードオイル モリンガブリリリアントビューティーオイル イロコスモリンガ Girls, be Ambitious

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