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Company Profile

company name Girls, be Ambitious Co., Ltd.
1312 Ono, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun, Kumamoto 869-4804
HP https://www.girls-be-ambitious.com
Business summary
  • Planning, production, quality guidance of food, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, etc. in the Philippines, and import and sale of the same products
  • Fair Trade / SDGs Consulting
  • Philippines Study Tour Coordination and Planning
Business partner
Food and cosmetics trading companies such as organic, macrobiotic, fair trade product dealers, beauty salons, cafes, restaurants, etc. nationwide
CEO Bansho Maki
Award award history

2019 1st Sustainable Cosmetics Award Nominations
Award-winning product: Moringa Brilliant Beauty Oil

2017 anan good for the body award
Award-winning product: Moringa Brilliant Beauty Oil

2014 Social Product Award
Award-winning products: All Moringa products

Representative Director Profile

Girls, be Ambitious 代表取締役 番匠麻樹 プロフィール

Bansho Maki Maki Bansho
Born in 1985. Born in Kumamoto prefecture.

In the Philippines, where I volunteered when I was a university student, I was impressed by the Filipinos who "create happiness in the empty space", and learned the concept of fair trade. Has the goal of "successful".

After graduating, after working in the trading department of a trading company, he went to the Philippines with the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.

After returning to Japan in October 2012, he launched Girls, be Ambitious, which sells Philippine foods and cosmetics that are particular about "organic x additive-free x fair trade", and established Girls, be Ambitious Co., Ltd. in April 2014.

フェアトレード フェアトレードマーク フェアトレード 商品 フェアトレード 問題点 フェアトレードとは 簡単に フェアトレード商品 フェアトレード 企業 フェアトレード コーヒー フェアトレードとは フェアトレードチョコレート Girls, be Ambitious

Girls, be Ambitious
The story of the beginning

The origin of Girls, be Ambitious is 2004,
It is located on a rural farm hundreds of kilometers from the capital of the Philippines.

"Sustainable life in the Philippines"

ソーシャルビジネス ソーシャルビジネス 事例 ソーシャルビジネス事例集 ソーシャルビジネス 課題 ソーシャルビジネス 企業 Girls, be Ambitious フェアトレード ソーシャルプロダクト

In the countryside, plants such as moringa and coconut, which are inhabited by rich people and grow in vast areas,
Since ancient times, it has supported people's health and beauty as a medical herb.

While we have been studying traditional herbal remedies since 2004,
I have learned from Filipino people how to live a sustainable life using medical herbs.

for example,
Moringa, known as the "miracle tree,"
At a rural treatment center, it is distributed as a medicine (medical herb) to patients with various symptoms.

At school, as a nutritious food that is good for growing children
I often go to the menu in the cafeteria

At home, as a food that improves milk production
Especially often eaten by breastfeeding mothers
When acne develops, Moringa seed oil is used as a medicine.

In the Philippines, moringa and other medical herbs are used on a daily basis, and a sustainable way of living that makes the best use of natural materials has taken root.

Poverty of farmers who make medical herbs

While many people are getting healthier with medical herbs that support health and beauty,
Farmers who are producers have long suffered from poverty.

フィリピン 農園の風景 Girls, be Ambitious

Due to the landowner system that has remained in the Philippines for a long time
Farmers (tenants) who rent land for farming
The landowner must pay 30-70% of the product as land charges,
At present, it is difficult to obtain enough money in agriculture.
(According to a World Bank report, the poverty rate in the Philippines as of 2019 is 20.8% of the total population.)

Even if the farmer goes to work to earn cash income
Most farmers have not been registered for birth and are not educated.
I couldn't find a job,
The current situation is that many people continue to live in poverty as farmers.

Also, the children could not be educated because of their poverty.
The virtuous cycle of helping parents farm and becoming a peasant continues.

High-quality superfoods and beauty oils that can be made because of fair trade

In order to improve their poverty while making high-quality product raw materials by utilizing the traditional techniques of agriculture and agricultural product processing possessed by peasants.
In Girls, be Ambitious,
Hiring people who were peasants by fair trade standards,
We are making "pesticide-free, non-genetically modified, fair trade" products.

フェアトレード フェアトレードマーク フェアトレード 商品 フェアトレード 問題点 フェアトレードとは 簡単に フェアトレード商品 フェアトレード 企業 フェアトレード コーヒー フェアトレードとは フェアトレードチョコレート Girls, be Ambitious

For jobs that earn cash income
Producers who are now able to send their children to school
We are working hard to make products with confidence and pride.

The products they make are used by many customers and are loved by many customers.
"Social Business Product Award"
Received awards such as "Sustainable Cosmetics Award"
It has come to be featured in many media.

フェアトレード フェアトレードマーク フェアトレード 商品 フェアトレード 問題点 フェアトレードとは 簡単に フェアトレード商品 フェアトレード 企業 フェアトレード コーヒー フェアトレードとは フェアトレードチョコレート 

Girls, be Ambitious, born on October 4, 2012,
Became Girls, be Ambitious Co., Ltd. in April 2014
We have been a fair trade company.

To become a lifestyle brand that colors sustainable living

Girls, be Ambitious オーガニック・無添加・フェアトレードのモリンガ コーヒー ココナッツオイル

We not only offer fair trade to our customers and producers, but also
We also carry out fair trade with the environment.

We continue to plant moringa trees, which are said to absorb 20 times more carbon dioxide than ordinary trees, every year.
This is the "" given to the target Moringa product Moringa seal of happiness We are planting trees in the names of general customers who have collected "" and customers who do wholesale sales.

The earth is also beautiful

Protecting the environment and keeping the atmosphere beautiful
It will also protect your skin and your health.

We continue to make such attempts with our customers

Girls, be Ambitious 公式ネットショップGirls, be AmbitiousのフェアトレードGirls, be Ambitious SDGs取り組みGirls, be Ambitious 商品卸 原料卸