<transcy>Promise with customers</transcy>

お客様との約束 Girls, be Ambitious オーガニック フェアトレード 無添加 モリンガ ココナッツオイル 精油 フェアトレードコーヒー


All the raw materials used in the products are made from plants grown in
Girls, be Ambitious's own farm
or partner farms.


All the raw materials used in the products are made according to the
standard of
"No pesticides or organic,
non-genetically modified, fair trade".


No unnecessary additives
(preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, fragrances, etc.) are used.


The natural taste, aroma, and nutrition of the ingredients are important.


Ingredients are rooted in the area
Based on traditional processing methods
In collaboration with research institutes and universities
Drying and oiling with simple and sustainable manufacturing methods suitable for plants Extract.


We make products in a sustainable way that is environmentally friendly.


We make products that can support your health and beauty.

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