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Philippines, a country of everlasting summer
Growing up in nature
Ylang-ylang Essential oil

The exotic scent brings a feeling of relaxation, a sensual atmosphere and joy.
Ylang Ylang's unique gorgeous scent is used in various cosmetics and aroma products as an essential oil that is indispensable for cosmetics and perfumes.

Ylang Ylang is also famous for its sensual and aphrodisiac scent.
Make women passionate and open, and men gentle and passive.
In the Philippines, ylang-ylang has been used as a flower to decorate the bedroom on the first night of a married couple.

The sensual scent that enhances femininity brings out the sensuality that resides inside a woman and makes her feel beautiful and cool.

Ylang-ylang grown by wild craft (natural farming) Essential oil extracted only from ylang-ylang.
Ylang-ylang 3rd is easier to use for handmade cosmetics than Iran-ylang 1st because it is gentle on the skin and has a mild action, and contains a lot of scent components such as ester and monoterpene alcohols.

English name: Ylang Ylang
Scientific name Cananga odorata var. Genuina
Family name: Custard apple
Extraction site flower
Extraction method Steam distillation method
Usage guideline after opening 6 months after opening
Month of manufacture: Described on the label

・ Aromatic bath
・ Ablution,
・ Fragrance
・ Home care

①Original new essential oil
The material we deliver is an essential oil extracted from flowers and fruits grown in the wilderness of the everlasting summer country of the Philippines.
We have been involved in agricultural development in the Philippines for 14 years.
We will deliver new and high quality essential oils that only we can make.

② Essential oil that shows the origin of the raw materials
Our materials are only from raw materials that have passed our own standards (non-genetically modified, wild craft,
fair trade). It is an essential oil that is extracted and you can see where the raw material is, who harvested it, and when it was extracted.

③ Quality-controlled essential oil
Quality control such as component inspection is also performed in Japan so that customers can properly know the efficacy of the material and use it. I am.
Because it is an essential oil whose quality control and effects can be confirmed,
I believe that it will be a product that allows you to fully experience the effects of aroma on the mind and body.

The quality of "organic" includes the use of some pesticides and the use of genetically modified / hybrid species.
We commercialize wild craft (natural farming, pesticide-free) non-genetically modified, fair trade standards in order to provide quality higher than organic for genuine safety and security. going.