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Maximize the blessings of nature
Premium essential oil

Carefully select only native species and grow plants grown by wild craft farming (natural farming) into essential oils in a fresh state.
Simple, but we dare to adopt a time-consuming traditional manufacturing method that is not adopted in modern times of mass consumption, and we will deliver his essential oil that you can fully enjoy the blessings of nature.

What is Elemi?

Elemi oil is an essential oil obtained from the resin of a tree called "Piri" that is vegetated in the Philippines.

The story of Elemi oil (essential oil)
Essential oils are produced by damaging the bark and collecting sap during the rainy season when the leaves begin to grow.
Essential oils that have been used in ointments for 500 years in Europe.
A type similar to frankincense and myrrh, it is an essential oil that has been used for meditation as well as perfume in recent years.

Citrus, wood, floral, etc.
You can enjoy various scents like essential oils blended with one essential oil by combining various scents intricately.

GBA Elemi Oil (essential oil) story
Essential oil extracted only from Elemi trees grown by wild craft (natural farming).
Compared to other Elemi oils, it features a well-balanced harmony of multiple scents.
Contains a lot of monoterpene hydrocarbons that have bactericidal and antibacterial effects.

English name: Elemi
Scientific name: Canarium luzonicum
Family name: Torchwood family
Extraction site Resin
Extraction method Steam distillation method
Usage guideline after opening 1 year after opening
Month of manufacture: Described on the label

Recommended usage
・ Aromatic bath
・ Ablution
・ Fragrance
・ Home care

Promise with customers

① Original new essential oil

The material we deliver is an essential oil extracted from flowers and fruits grown in the wilderness of the Philippines, a country of everlasting summer.
We have been involved in agricultural development in the Philippines for 14 years.
We will deliver new and high quality essential oils that only we can make.

② Essential oil that shows the origin of raw materials

Our materials are extracted only from raw materials that have passed our own standards (non-GMO, wild craft, fair trade).
You can see where the raw materials are, who harvested them, and when they were extracted. We will deliver only essential oils.

③ Quality-controlled essential oil

We also carry out quality control such as component inspection in Japan so that customers can properly know the efficacy of the material and use it.

Because it is an essential oil whose quality control and effects can be confirmed,
I believe that it will be a product that allows you to fully experience the effects of the aroma's mind and body.

Reasons for pesticide-free rather than organic

"Organic" quality also includes the use of some pesticides and the use of genetically modified / hybrid species.
We are commercializing wild craft (natural farming, pesticide-free) non-genetically modified, fair trade standards in order to provide quality higher than organic for genuine safety and security. ..