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<transcy>Moringa Total Beauty Set [Products subject to Happiness Moringa Seal]</transcy>

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6,800 円
Moringa oil scent
Gift bag color
Beautiful from the "inside and outside" of the body
"Miracle tree" Moringa
Delivering happiness to you

A miracle tree rich in nutrients necessary for humans
Next-generation super herb "Moringa" that protects the environment

Girls, be Ambitious モリンガパウダー モリンガオイル

Traditional remedies Ayurveda has long been prized as an indispensable material for maintaining harmony as a whole, including mind, body, behavior and environment.
Keep your body healthy with his herbal tea powder taken from Moringa leaves, and beauty detox from inside your body.

The oil from the seeds is the savior of aging skin care.
"Moringa" supports total natural beauty from inside and outside.

Recommended as a gift for yourself, your friends and family!
◎ As a gift for baby gifts ...
◎ As a gift with a wish for health on Respect for the Aged Day and Mother's Day
◎ For those who like organic cosmetics and healthy products As a gift for

◆ Impressions from purchasers ◆
□ High-quality moringa oil, which I've always been interested in, makes my skin very plump! Moringa tea is also delicious!

□ I used moringa in my cooking. I want to use oil as a reward for myself at Christmas this time. I am very satisfied with the result.

□ I heard that Moringa is a miracle tree, but it's good that your skin is clean and your body is healthy! I want to try again.

□ Moringa is added to the hospitality dishes! You will be pleased that the green is beautiful ♡. The day before you meet people, you can use oil on your skin for beauty.

モリンガ Girls, be Ambitious オーガニック フェアトレード

◆ Moringa herbal tea bag type (2g x 5) 2 bags
◆ Moringa powder (40g) 1 bottle
◆ Moringa brilliant beauty oil (20ml)
> or 20 ml 1 bottle
* Only 1 bag of Moringa herbal tea (2gX5) is shown in the photo, but it is actually included in the 2 bag set.

Gift wrapping: Delivered in an abaca (Manila hemp) gift wrap.
You can choose the color of the gift bag from red or green

You can choose from courier or letter pack plus.
* Yu packet cannot be selected.